Where hamsters are born to be happy


Hamsterheavens Life Work is for the safe and healthy growth and reproduction of the Syrian Hamster (Guldhamstere) With the interest in the forming of the types and colours found in Syrian hamsters today.

We are situated in the lovely part of Falster, Denmark, and we have  established HAMSTERHEAVEN as a safehaven and the place where we breed the types of hamsters found this day today, in most parts of Europe and other countries. We are very keen to breed hamsters of less-known colours and patterns of coat. Therefore will one at times meet some very colourful hamsters here!

In Hamsterheaven we really try hard to meet our customers wishes for visibly beautiful animals to look at, and a type where in there is no hamsters  that suffer from illnesse physically and mentally. ALL hamsters here are free from physical and genetical disease.

Picture1. The First Syrian Hamster that came into Hamsterheaven in 2010. We still can trace our present stock Down to this hamsters familie ties. She was called Kia, and was golden whitebanded.

We do really want to breed happy hamsters, and with the handling of all the Breeding stock and babies hamsters by myself and others that come into Hamsterheaven, right from a very early age, we have no stock that has the reason to be sad and to bite.  

It is the constant hope that people who purchase a Golden Hamster at Hamsterheaven, will also use the necessary time to try and read and understand what it is and what it means to have a hamster, and to understand your hamsters needs, which are quite basic in many ways.

All hamster minds are different. In one litter ALL the different hamsters only have one thing in common, they were born on the same day. From a VERY early age some will begin to stand out from its other brothers and sisters, to show that each Hamster is an individual character and they all have different minds from each other. Some are very active, others are less active, and so it goes to show that each and every hamster has its own spirit, and THAT is what needs to be understood so that you have a really positive experience and  happy memories of how these Little Guys really get to be such lovely pets and an experience, that no child or adult is too young or too old to own one (or many)

Picture 2. IGOR, the first male hamster in Hamsterheaven. Bred to Kia and the first litter they had was with 13 Beautiful babies, of cream, golden, Black and silver grey. All varieties banded and non banded (plain).

OUR BREEDING STOCK  has partly hamsters of roots going back in their generations to the two hamsters pictured above; whome were the first hamsters Hamsterheaven DK ever owned. A golden banded girl, and a cream longhaired boy.

Now we have stock from around the different parts of England, the Central and Eastern parts of Europe, and we are continually looking towards our cousins from the other lands to set the standard in which we all wish to comply with.

Therefore it is necessary for shows, local and International, to try to find out exactly how far we are in answering to the Official Standard of the Syrian Hamster.

15 June 2015

Marks a wonderful day when we became members of the wonderful Cesky krecci klub! We look forward to many hours of enjoyment together with the other members of The Czech Hamster Club.

We share many many common ideas and goals, and it just seems to be that we are also going to be visiting the Czech International Hamster Show in Prague on the 28th Septmber 2015. We are really looking forward to that date and occasion, and it will be the First time for Hamsterheaven DK to ever partake in an International show of that size.

Igor & Kias Beautiful pups, taking a nap! Very sleepy hamsters!

Picture 3 A White banded cream baby boy, from Kia and Igors first Litter! A really cute Little boy